AGP Memory Error:

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i was trying to play sof 2 but when i started it got this AGP Memory Error: i then went on the sof 2 site and found this info-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
If you receive the error message warning you that your AGP Memory is at zero, it is recommended that you update your motherboard drivers or BIOS to the most current version. If you have the most current version installed on your motherboard, you can set the AGP Memory aperture to a higher setting in the BIOS.
i used a tool from nvidia called AGPmem to find much agp mem i had got and it said agp mem total 0 free 0, but i dont know what to do too change it.

its like this with mohaa it runs really slow and bf1942, can someone help me out so i can get the best performance from my games.

my computer spec are

1.5 ghz and 256 mb ram
thx for reading my post and please help me out.:(
... and if 128 MB or higher is causing severe problems, such as game performance stuttering for instance, then it's usually safe to leave it at 64 MB.
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