Age of Wonders II

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All Seeing Eye
have anyone here played AOW2??
I saw this game a month ago or such, and fell inlove.
After playing the first level (out of 15 levels, I think), I was really amazed.. though I was more amazed that people don't know this game.
It started out hard, even really hard, but after a level or two you'll see it ain't so hard game.. though I don't bother, this time.
You starts has a 'Tall Wizard' named Merlin (unfortunelly, they have choosen to give the charcters's names. and what a bad choise it was, with names like: Merlin, Nimue, Mab and more). Awakened to join an immortal group of Wizards in the Circle of Evermore, you must restore balance to a world on the brink of collapse. Powerful spheres of magic are thrown against one another in a war of Wizards the likes of which have never been seen before. By mastering magical forces of creation and dealing with the deities who govern them, you must establish a fantasy empire and confront other Wizards in your quest to THE WIZARD'S THRONE.
The inchargeable wizard (incharge, like Zeus on the olimpus), is getting weaker. He recruit you and is revealing you the secrets of the spheres powers, one each time.
The game can be Simultanic or Classical. On every scenarion you can choose the style. Simultanic, the game stays Turn-Based, but there is no meaning of turns. Everyone can moved and do what they desire on this turn, moving units and building strcuters, and everyone is doing it at the same it - when everyone has finished their movment and other a new day is coming. On Classical style, the game is Turn-Based too, but the movment is turn-based too. meaning, you make your moves then select End Turn, and so does the others. Note: The real world map is being handled kinda like Civilization kind of game.
The battles are Turn based too, like in Heroes of Might and Magic. The main thing on battles is the magic. You (Merlin), and his heroes sometimes, can do those magics.
You have two resourses, Gold and Mana. For building you need Gold ofcourse, and Production Points - each and every city has its own number of possible Production Points (determind by city size, wizard's skills and builded structers). For casting spells you need Mana and Casting Points. Casting points can be increased by learning or building special structers. Spells can only be cast on you domain. Your domain is being determind by the position of you (Merlin.) If you are in a city that has a Wizard's Tower, you domain is being increased dramatically. As well, you have a controlled domain of hexes surrounding each and everyone of your heroes.
There are three sorts of magic. One for the Battles, One for the Real World Map, and one for them both. Each spehres has its own special magic, but there are general magics too.
You can also build shrines for some gods. The shrine increases a unique thing on the city, but also its god gives you special missions (ending a mission will give you a gift, and you'll be honored by that god). If you have a city with one kind of shrine, but an other city with a diffrent kind of shrine, the gods will fight and will want to be the only god you worship. Those fights ain't good, cause you'll be given only simple first-class missions and the gifts won't be worthy, eventually.
Heroes of Might and Magic and Civilization was mentioned before, though this game is kinda like Warlorda too, because of the heroes. While you (Merlin) can study, they will get experinced by winning battles (only if fought within, of course). When they will advance a level, you can decide what you want them to know next. There are three changeable choise everytime, and you chose one of them for the heroes. They can learn new skills, like thorwing bollts, poisned darts or use a crossbow. They can improve their offensive or deffenisve or health. They can learn or improve thier leadership level (increasing the other party's member's skills). They can learn Markmanship, to increase their use of crossbow. They can increase their own Casting Points (while Merlin have his own amount of Casting Points, so does his heroes. Though some have none).
There are more then 12 kind of races: Humens, Frostlings, Elves, Dark Elves, Archons, Goblins, Dwarves, Halflings and more.. On each sphere you are meant to resotre the balance to a certain area in the world, or teach an evil wizard a lession or two. Wizards are imortall, and so does you, but their Repution amoung the races is changed and so does their power. For fighting, you must be in war with this wizard. You can also be Allinced, Peaced or Unknown with a wizard, but then you won't be able to fight him. When allinced, your vision is increased, because you see the allinced wizard view too.
There are many other options and thing on this wonderful game, thought those are the basic.

If you read it till here I'll be amazed, though this game is truely worthy. I'M INLOVE :)
I'm already at da 1st scenarion of the 3rd sphere out of five. meaning, at the 7th scenarion of the game.

Hopefully, you have the need to play this game now.
Cheers. :D
A very interesting review azury;) Thankyou I havnt got or played AOW2 as of yet, but am looking at updating my games collection soon, so i may get it.

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