xp SP


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hello everybody!
i was lurking through these forums and i realised that i could get some useful info regarding my problem:
anyway, i have a new computer and i only just recently installed winXP...
now, my question is,which upgrade should i do, i mean, should i download service pack 1(or 2?) from microsoft's site or should i just click on the windows update and see where that gets me? the reason i ask is because in device manager i can see a problem with my usb 2.0 drivers and when i want to install from a disc i have (MoBo "drivers") it says there to install service pack 1...well, is that going to do the trick or..?

anyway i hope that i need to dl the service pack,and not to run the windows update from my computer because if i need to dl the service pack i could do that on college (where we have a very fast connection,otherwise it could take me months to dl a very big file..)

i know i complicated this as much as possible but if you could provide me with some answers that'd be great...

thanks in advance!