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I am currently on my last year of college for my I.T/cyber security bachelors degree. After exploring my options in the field, I have decided to pursue a career in information security, maybe a SOC analyst(Blue team). I know experience and certifications are a great way to get my foot in the door, so I currently am taking a security+ certification class while doing my internship/apprenticeship as a help desk tech. I was curious as to what are the necessary steps/requirements to land a cyber security analyst entry level job?
I have just completed my college with a Bachelor's degree and joined an IT company. I think you should look for your interests and join something relevant with your interests and with studies. You should have an experience certificate in hand for great opportunities ahead.
Basically, I agree with the previous comment. I would also recommend more hands-on activities, preferably while studying. For example, find a part-time job in the field of information security. When I was studying to be a chemist, I did these chemistry experiments at home for additional practice. Try and experiment with it.
I was hired to work for the company right after I graduated from college because I did an internship there.
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