Daemon Poster
I'm looking for 16 affiliates, no more no less. I'm registering my .com domain today, so I'll be needing affiliates soon. Here are the requirements for becoming an affiliate:

1. You must have a domain. No freewebs, geocities... you get the idea.

2. Your site must not have illegal content, or else be centered around explicit content.

3. You must provide an affiliate button, based on the description below:
I need a circular Flash or Photoshop button that is 50x50.
If you decide to make the button in Photoshop, make it animated or else make a seperate image for the following stages:
1. Up
2. Over
3. Down

Current List
1. Raging Asylum (Still need affiliate button)
2. CyberXP9 (Still need affiliate button)
3. Zanzer (Awaiting reply)
4. Dudesinblue (Fully established)
5. Zeegler Realm (Still need affiliate button)
6. (Still need affiliate button)
7. Flash-Tag (Still need affiliate button)
8. Comptektalk (Still need affiliate button)
9. Syboard Network (Still need affiliate button)
10. Position Vacant
11. Position Vacant
12. Position Vacant
13. Position Vacant
14. Position Vacant
15. Position Vacant
16. Position Vacant