Aero graphics problem with Windows 7 RC


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I downloaded the Windows 7 RC recently. I absolutely love it!

I have a small problem with the Windows 7 Aero graphics. Everything goes smoothly but sometimes when I restart or power off/then on, the PC, the Aero graphics have somehow turned off. I get a plain gray toolbar, but no special effects. If i troubleshoot it, it will fix itself in a few seconds.

It's not a huge deal, but its' a bit annoying to keep having to do 3/4 of the time.

Thanks for your help/suggestions



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can u take a picture ? im thinking of installing the RC to when i get my new mobo in the mail next thursday, is it really that good ?


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I love win7rc. I have it on an old hp a1410y. I had a corrupt xp home sp2 which was not letting any of my usb ports function and my cpu was 100% throttle constantly. 7rc fixed all of this. The only bug that i have is that it will not come out of sleep mode. I just went into power options and set it to never go to sleep and now i don't worry about it. Everything else about it works just fine.