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I am in the process of speccing out a new computer and would appreciate some advise on some of the components.

I will be getting this built, probably by a UK company called Scan. I have built systems in the past but it's not really my bag as I am a fairly non-technical person. The machine is going to be for general work use (email, spreadsheets, Photoshop, CorelDraw) but what I really want is a machine that will fly well with games like Grand Theft Auto and racing games like Project Cars and Codemasters Formula 1 series. I'm not into modding or over-clocking. I just want something that is going to be pretty fast and reliable and hopefully not need upgrading for a few years.

The system I am looking at is one of their higher end 3XS 'Battlebox' systems runing an i7 6800k chip.

So this is what i'd like advice on:

Their standard systym runs the Asus x99-AII motherboard but they offer an upgrade to the Asus x99 Deluxe II. Is there much benefit in the better board or does it just offer more functionality that I wouldn't use?

In terms of bang for buck and performance am I better off going for a single GTX 1080 Graphics card or two GTX 1070 cards with SLI (The brand they use are 8gb EVGA's)

The standard system comes with 16gb of Corsair Vengeance DDR4 2666 MHz memory. Is it worth shelling out for 32gb or would I not notice much difference?

Appreciate some of these may be pretty dumb questions to some of you guys but if anyone has the patience to explain the best options to a non-techy I'd really appreciate it!
Getting it built by a company called Scam?? that sounds safe. j/k
How do you like the F1 game you mentioned in the post?

If I were building it for myself, I'd get a x170 board and a good 1151 cpu like the 6800K if you run a lot of multi thread software, 6700K if you run a lot of single thread software.

If you do rendering or video editing or photo editing on very large files, you will notice the RAM a lot, if not, not so much. I have a 160 MP camera that produces huge files and editing those takes a big chunk of RAM.
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