Advice on MS courses and prospects in UK appreciated.

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As you'll notice I'm new here and I'm hoping that some of you kind people may be able to help me out.

I'm going through the process of a total career shift to the I.T. industry. At 33 I realise I'm leaving it a bit late but I seem to have a natural aptitude for all things technical so it has to be worth a go.

I've been looking into taking the relevant courses to train me up to MCSE/MCSA standard (including Security 2003) and I was hoping that there may be a few other people that read this that may be able to advise me on whether this would be the best way for me to go or not. I would pretty much be starting from scratch. I have basic home networking (wired and wireless) knowledge and have configured secure wireless networks but have had no involvement with any servers as such. Basically, I just need to know from others experience how well I would fair in the big, wide world (well, Scotland) with my new MCSE certificate in my hand. Are potential jobs relatively easy to find and how well would I be considered with only the certifiaction but no previous experience ??

Is there anything at all that you can offer me from your experiences ??

Again, I appreciate any input from anyone really as I'm a bit dubious about the whole prospect.



I dont know about the UK, but over here (Canada) most networking jobs ask for some sort of MS certification.

The nice thing about MCSA/MCSE is that MCSA leads into MCSE. Both certifications are made up of a bunch of different tests. You just need to write more tests to become MCSE certified.

If you get study guides from MS, it will come with a Server 2003 120day(I think) trial CD. You get practice labs as well as all of the theory you need to pass the tests.

I say go for it! Build up your certifications from home, until you have enough certs/experience to get yourself a job.

I also recommend looking into getting your A+ certification and your CCNA certifications.

A+ covers computer hardware and software.

CCNA covers Cisco routers and switches, as well as the OSI model, and protocols galore, etc.
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