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Alright, how do you make money from ads? I have a website that gets on average 1,000 visits/day, with the slowest days at 700 and the highest traffic days over 3,000. Ad revenue from google adsense is not coming anywhere close to covering server costs. There are 2 ads placed on every page, but I'm pretty sure they don't generate revenue unless they get clicked on.

I've had a couple ad deals on the side that have kept me positive, but when I'm just relying on google adsense I'm barely making anything. What am I doing wrong?
As far as I know you get money from google adsense per page view. But usually it's like $ you can't really notice anything.

But I don't see how you're not really making money :\ I had it on my website for a couple days and made like $1.50ish from like 3-4 clicks.

If you get that much traffic, maybe you should look into trading or selling ad space to real people instead of companies like google.

Besides that I can't really give you any advice :(.

EDIT: uhmmm I guess I read over the part about how you had a couple deals on the side...sorry :( Guess I have 0 advice now :\
Yeah, it's just those deals are too hard to find, and aren't really a steady source of income.
depends on what your site is, but there are other ad companys you can use. for example there is "rockyouads" which is the popular ad service used by facebook apps (as google adsense wont work in facebook). and then Konera is a ad service that allows you to put ads based on keywords on your site. (That thing that underlines random words and puts an ad on them).

Like said above, amazon has an affiliates program, and ebay has one aswell.

if you have 1000 visitors a day, maybe you want to sell some T-shirts with your logo on it? let's you sell clothes and other various objects with your images on them. Free for you ofcourse.

Finally I would recomment, they have a good set of affiliates and help with commission based marketing.

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