ADSL modem problem ...

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Hi there ...

my friend have a problem here ...

according to him ...

On his ADSL modem, the 'Link' LED keeps on blinking and that is the main reason (IMO) it won't let him connect to the internet using the PPPOE account.

any idea? can you help?

Thanks in advance! ;)

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That is exactly right.. the link light signifies that you have a connection between your ADSL router/modem to your computer or router or whatever.. If the link light is blinking the the ADSL modem is not picking up a connection to anything.

What are you trying to hook the ADSL modem into?
i think his problem is ... it's working fine before ... but now he had the problem ...

by the way ... he also told me that his old ADSL modem is working fine though ... :confused:
Yeah.. then he should use his old one.. cause it sounds like this one is not going to work for him.
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