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bryguy2323 you dont seriously think im just going to let soemone become and admin that I don't know from a bar of soap? Do you? Been an Admin takes alot of work and has alot of responsibilities . For one to achive this has to prove there self loyal and trustworthy first.

Oi, pretty much every message board you go to these days, it's guaranteed that you'll always see a thread/topic like that. :rolleyes:
Yup, basically admins are those who would be in charge of taking care of the forum. They are the ones who modifies the forum, change status. So, their job is important.

You can't just appoint just any Tom, Dick or Harry to be an admin unless you can really trust that person.

Well, a rule for becoming a mod so far I know is that do not ask to be one, they will ask you.

I get that all the time.
Chopper said:
You would be amazed how many times a day I get asked that question. Gets to you after a while.

Can I be a mod?!? lol Just playing, I wouldn't dare ask that here or anywhere else until I at least have 200 posts or so. LoL. At another website I asked to be one at 600 and I got to be. But that's just that, I hope to be one here eventually but I guess time will tell!
bryguy2323 said:
Could I be an admin for this board?, I'd like to help out and advertise

You can advertise without being a mod, throw a banner on your site, or just spread the word!
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