Admin Rights in Vista/Windows 7

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isn't there a faster way to do this? in vista, along with windows 7, this is what i do:
1. Right click my computer, click manage.
2. On the left, navigate to 'Local Users and Groups'.
3. Double click on 'Users'.
4. Right click on 'Administrator', click Properties.
5. Uncheck the box 'Account is disabled'.
6. Done.

That does the same things right? This method can be kind of annoying, as it also creates a completely new user, unless you do it when you first install windows. Anyways... just thought i would give my 2 cents...

edit: nevermind, lol, using cmd is faster

This only gives you "limited admin control" as he mentioned in the article..
Very nice write up by the way.
Are you sure its limited? I know he addresses that the original admin account is limited, but afiak this account has full admin rights. I never get UAC prompt and do not have to right click applications to run as admin.
hi mak,

very nice explanation as always!! I just tried working with Vista and it is wonderful.

Everyone seems eager to turn off the UAC, but now I want to make full use of it, so let's say if I create another account beside the default Adm account and log on to it only to do web browsing, download (but not installing anything), and other daily rutines, does it mean I'm better protected from malware and such? I read somewhere that logging on to a non-adm account will help you since malware and spyware will not have access to run/install.

Also since each account has its own setting and such, can Adm access all lower hierarchy account? I learn from XP that guess account or lower hierarchy account cannot access whatever Adm account has (program running, files and such).
Yes Peter. Your thought process is correct.

If you create another user account it will have UAC on and you will be more protected cause you will have to allow any changes made to the PC. So malware and that can not install without you first giving it the okay to install.

Yes Admin can access all lower account and all lower accounts can not access the Admin account.
Dont surf thinking you are 110% safe. There is malware and spyware out there that can bypass even UAC.
well, what about using virtual desktop? is it safe? but i think it requires bigger RAMs, and what about downloaded files during the session, will the stay after the session is finished and the virtual is turned off?
There is even Malware that can affect the host machine from within a virtual environment. Ask Saxon. He also had one of his host machine hosed from a nasty bugger that he got infected on his Virtual System.

There is no 100% full proof way to be secure. No matter the OS. Some of the buggers out there can affect a Virtual Machine and a host, as well as get past even the toughest UAC.
Wow, thank you. I have been wrestling with this issue for a while...I will try this tek, and I have the feeling I'll be here reading a lot
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