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i am looking for a nice reliable, fast would be nice too, ADF Scanner. Its for the company I work for.

I found this, but I have never bought a Fujitsu product so im not sure if that would be the one to buy.
err the subject says adf printer, but i dont think they make those...hehe

i meant ADF Scanner
Well there is really not such a multi-function device. HP has the officejet series, but those are prone to multifeed and print cartridge carrier error. also some of the officejet 9xx series had faulty pcb's wich locked up many-a-pc.

Brother makes the MFC (multi-function center) not a bad design, seprate ink cartridges from the print head. Downfall, the adf/paper tray has a cheaply designed cork paper seprater and WILL multifeed and jam if you use cheap paper. Also, if you don't print frequently and keep fresh ink in it the ink will "gum" up inside the printhead, costly part to replace.

Xerox, just say no! cheap poorly engineered equipment.

which brings us to Lexmark/compaq equipment. SAME things, different skins. cheap, equipment, cheap replacment ink cartridges. Horrible drivers.

Samsung, great equpiment as standalone units. VERY poor software and little to no support for w2k/xp os.. color units use lexmark Cartridges...

Over all best equipment IMHO, is the brother MFC series. good drivers, reliable hardware.

(backround on me: I have an minor AS in small electronics repair and worked on a componet level on all these "end user" multi function devices for 3 years)
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