Additional HD for my Desktop PC


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My computers 80GB HD has about 5GB of free space left. I am looking into getting an additional internal HD to store data on. What are somethings I have to look for in a HD to make sure it's compatible with my pc?



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umm im sure there are many things but i only look at the connection type if its oldish computer then it likely to be IDE or sata if its new then SATA II so check your connection type then check that u have a spare 3.5" bay left in your case if u only have 1 drive then u probably have.

when you check your connection type of you other hardrive check to c if its IDE that you have and IDE cable with 2 ends on it usually named master primary if u have SATA then check you have 2 SATA connections on your motherboard.

if you have confirmed all above then just but the correct type of hardrive there are probably more things to look at than that but thats all i look at and have never had a problem


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All HDDs should be compatible with your PC, but to be on the safe side, could you give us your motherboard's manufacturer name and model number? This way we'll be able to see whether or not you want an IDE/SATA/SATAII hard drive.