Additional Hard Drive?


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I have been running with 2 hard drives on the same IDE cable, one set to master and the other slave. Is it possible to add a third on the DVD ROM cable since i am only using one drive and there is a spare plug.

If this is possible what would be the jumper setting on this drive since it is not a slave on the master IDE cable and is there any draw backs by doing this {assuming it is possible]. Would it also be recognised if this additional one on already had a XP pro OS on it..Will i have to make any changes to the bios whilst undertaking this. Thanks

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Yes, you can do this...

assuming that the DVD drive is set to master you simple add the drive as slave.

if your bios is set to auto detect then it'll appear automatically, else you might need to tell your bios to detect it.

now you'll have
IDE Primary [master]hard drive [slave]hard drive
IDE Secondary [master]DVD drive [slave]hard drive


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could it work the same way if forsay i dont have 2 HDD and only one and then just add it to the extra plug with my DVD drive(my case is just cd)???? or should i get a cable with 2 on it already.

or can i switch the cables(ok whats the name for them(the big flat cables going to the mobo))out from the HDD to the DVD so i just run the DVD cable with the HDD and the single cable(HDD cable) hook up to the DVD.

sorry i think that is dumb question but just making sure.

yes i no. i need to learn my stuff.