Adding another fan

If you think you're capable of it you can mod the bays where your HDD is. You can move it up a couple of slots, then do some sort of rig to keep a fan stable. I modded my friends case today for the same purpose. He had a couple of holes on back panel, in case he had an ATX mobo, we set a fan diagonally (only way it would fit in the 3 holes) and we used the plastic "nails" that kept the metal grid in place to keep the fan in place (the metal grid came off so we could set the fan to just blow air). We also removed his 3.5" bays and modded the 5.25" to keep his HDD. I gotta tell you, we can fit like 2 120mm fans in the place where his 3.5 bay was. Unfortunately the computer is POS P3 with 372MB of RAM. I'm trying to convince him to use it as a server.
cut a hole in the side and drill 4 holes for the screws. If u do it clean enough and put a big fan grill on the outside it looks great and clean. i did this on my old case and it looked great, but now i have a CM 690 :D and it already has like 8 fan holes. or you could go here and ask around
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