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Don Fudleone

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Morning all,

i find myself in a rather tricky situation. :eek: the add remove programs uninstall list is empty. only recently installed programs are shown.

perhaps through my ignorance:eek: the registry details relating to the uninstall list were deleted. having no clear registry backup - what shall i do?:mad:

any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

Don Fudleone

p.s. some of my programs have no uninstall .exe that come with them, they require Add/Remove programs.
That sucks. I have only encountered this once before, and that was about 3 min after installing AOL for a friend.

we ran a Repair on the partition from the Windows XP CD, and it worked, so I would try that.
try going through SFC

start > Run > SFC.

Be sure to have your win 98 se disk handy ;)
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