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I'm currently making some DivX movies and I came up with a problem: I don't know how the hell I can protect my cds from copying by others. If you know any programm to do such job, please inform me.
Also, I came across a document mentioning something about Mode 1 and Mode 2 cd burning. Does anyone know anything about it?
heh.. I'll be amazed if you are able to make a working protection... no program will help you doin a good one, cause if there was all the companies would have used it (but then again, the hackers would 'disarm' this protecting too ;))..
but if you do make a working one, give me a call... I will make you a star 'round the world and make you a milionare (don't worry 'bout the protection, we will hire thousands of body-guards, too).. just give me a call ;)
To azury:

Pal, in case you noticed, I'm not interested in finding a protection that won't be broken by anyone. I'm just looking for a simple one, so that it will be a bit difficult for some people to copy my cds. However, if I manage to build some kinda protection, I'll call you... leave your number and I won't forget you
heh, sorry if I insulted you m8... I was just joking..
Good Luck to you friend..
Well, thnx ppl. I wasn't insulted azury, but I think that my request for some help wasn't something bad... so you could just tell me that it's difficult etc. Anyway, thnx for your comments
yeah, you are right.. I just misunderstood the request (you want a simple protection and I thought you want a protecting protection).. my bad, and I'm sorry again... your request wasn't something of bad, my fault..

here are some nice programs that my help you

Password Protection System--CD Edition 1.01 (free to try, will add a password to your cds):

CDShield SE 1.0 (20 days trail..Protects your CD against copying and ripping):

you can also just store (without packing the files) the files in a password protected rar or zip or something.. but ofcourse it won't protect from being copied, just from being opened by the wrong guys..

anyways, sorry for being rude..
enjoy m8, and good luck!
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