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I hope you are delighted by AdBlock! I've dropped to a less-than-full-time job so I can support my users and keep on delighting you. If you love AdBlock, would you consider helping fund my work? You can donate with a credit card at; I would *really* appreciate any amount :)

- Michael

Your favorite feature in Firefox finally comes to Chrome! Block all advertisements on all web pages. Your browser is automatically updated with additions to the filter: just click Install, then visit your favorite website and see the ads disappear!

This replacement for Firefox's AdBlock Plus does everything possible to make your browsing experience awesome, including
* speed optimizations to save every millisecond of your time that it can
* an intuitive blacklisting wizard (press Ctrl-Shift-K on any page with an ad)
* a button beside the Wrench that is there if you want it and gone if you don't
and more. Visit Wrench (or the "Windows" menu on a Mac) -> Extensions -> AdBlock Options for details.

We also love our users and have excellent customer service! Here are a couple of quotes:

"....After reading how involved you were with updates, I picked this
and love it. 5 Stars, keep up the good work."

"...what makes it worth having this extension is the effort you put in
continuously to fix every single problem/bug... Adblock has been
extremely consistent with user response. Thank you. Keep it up..."

The "Support & FAQs" link below has links to report a bug or an ad, and to the Google Group to get in touch. (The comment system below isn't a great way to give feedback, because it is so flooded!)
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