Activation of XP home won't stick after powerdown

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:confused: Here is the problem. I have Windows XP home. Had to reinstall due to hardware problem. Re-activation worked fine. Did it over phone as that computer not on net. Everything worked and XP came up as activated. It worked fine until I shut down.(normal shut-down). Now when I try to go back into XP, it tells me I need to activate again. This has happened twice. Why is it indicating a good activation and letting me run XP, but then on the next use after shutdown, indicating I need to activate again?

This is a legal copy, came with the system. Worked first time on initial setup.
Any ideas would be much appreciated.
ya thats happend to me when i bought a computer with xp pro pre-installed when i re-formatted it did that but it happend every month so i phoned MS and they said to phone the vender i got it from and they just screwed me around back in forth so i found other ways around it "try yahoo instead of google"
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