acer aspire 3680 wont turn on, please help


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okay i'm sure this website get aot of these questions, but im a newb to laptop/computer repair so bare with me.

Ok first off as i stated its a acer aspire 3680, its not turning on, not charging, the lights aren't coming on in the front. when plugged in there is the green light on the box (on the power cord, not the laptop ) well when just the power cord is plugged in, not into the laptop, the light is a solid green, and then when plugged into the laptop it slightly blinks.

What do you think the problem is?

I haveheard from some people that it could be the battery is shot, but when i last used it it was charged and just died and then this problem occured.

thanks - joe ( the n00b )


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A lot of laptops will break where the charger plugs into the laptop. Try jiggling it around and see if you can get the charging light to come on.

Also try taking the battery out and running off of just the power cable. If it is dead beyond repair, it could be causing problems.