ace mega codecs_do you know how ???????


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HI ALL and thanks in advance for readin my post an offering any advice. the situation is im downloadin video files on this my computer, but certain files i download (it says mp4 ) i can burn and watch them, BUT since i last f++ked-up the computer and had it wiped an re-installed by a friend, when i want to play these fileson my computer for preveiwing there not recodnised, being a noob, i thought id download something that was on my comp b4, called ace mega codecs, was i right in doing this ? do i have the right idea ? well anyway i have downloaded thiis and im out of my league there tons of things on it that i dont understand, and the computers still not reconising the mp4 files, any ideas guys


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I use that codec pack myself. It will play everything. When you install them, install the professional package