Access Restriction on Network


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Hey All,

I currently have 3 computers at home. My desktop computer is directly connected to the wireless router (Linksys) via Ethernet cable, and the other 2 computers (laptops) connect wirelessly and are located upstairs from the router.

My little network/internet runs beautifully, but unfortunately the 2 laptops are being used by very inexperienced family members...(sorry dad). I'd like to know if there is a way to manage these two laptops from my personal desktop in terms of restricting actions and maintenance .

Basically I'm new to networking and just learned about Active Directory. From what I've read, AD can only run from a network OS and I know I don't really need it for my purpose at home but it would be nice to maintain and control things from my desktop. These 2 laptops are heavily used and I usually have to clean it once a week with CCleaner (registry too). Both have been infected with viruses or spybots in the past year.

All three computers are running Vista and less than 2 yrs old. Is there any software or technique you guys can help me out with? Perhaps something similar to Active Directory? Thanks in advance.


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if you dont want to log the other person out of the computer you can use vnc on a local network. I do know there are security flaws with vnc but you should be ok if it is being used inside your network only. as far as restrictions on the laptops you would need to set up static IP addresses and configure the access list on the router to set the restrictions if it is networked based, if it is OS based than you will have to configure the OS to set the restrictions


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I don't think your wireless router have a feature that could control individual nodes (your dad computer).

It's best if you locally manage your dad's laptop. Do the laptops have an anti virus program?

Using active directory for your circumstance is overkill.