Access My E-Mail remotley??


Baseband Member
I can acess my e-mail through a remote webpage and it woks mainly fine but on one of my 2 computers when I try to send an e-mail the bit of the page were I am meant to type my e-mail it just comes up with a red cross

This same page works fine on my other computer. I'v tried reducing the security settings on the computer but still no joy, i'v also disabled firewall, virus protection, spyware protection and put the site in my trusted site section with the lowest security but it just won't load.

The computer it loads on is brand new as in a wek old and I have all of the virus, spyware, firewall ect turned on it. The computer it doesnt load on i a couple of years old but has all the latest windows updates.

Just wondering if their is anything else that could be causing this problem and if so how to sort it.