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Hi, I'm a newbie here, hoping someone can help me, I recently purchased a new computer from an online source which came with no operating system, I used the drivers disk that came with the system and then installed windows 98 on it. It has an M841LMR motherboard running an Athlon XP 2000 CPU, 256 Megs of DDR ram, 30 gig EIDE/IDE 7200 RPM HD, 56X CD-Rom and has onboard Graphics, Sound and Modem. My problem is I have no sound, In control panel, system, device manager, sound,video and game controllers it has my AC 97 audio device listed and under properties it say the device is working properly and the drivers are loaded correctly, In Multimedia playback and recording both are grayed out and the AC 97 audio device is not listed, It does say use any available device and I have no speaker icon in my systray. I have deleted everything under sound video and game controllers and restarted and it reloads everything but still shows nothing in Multimedia. any help would be greatly appreciated. If you need more info please post what you need here and I will do my best to find what you need.

P.S. Everything else seems to work fine.

W. J. Henry
It could be that you dont have the latest drivers or that it doesn't work with that os, although it should. I have the same audio and I have no problem running it with windows 2000 pro
AC 97 onboard audio

I have the drivers loaded that came with the motherboard and windows 98 was listed in the drivers file.

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