About to break computer & take own life

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Please can someone help me.

I installed a brand new 60GB Seagate HD. Nicely formatted I re-installed Win98SE but everytime I try to open Explorer, Internet Explorer or Control panel I get this error;

EXPLORER caused an invalid page fault in
module KERNEL32.DLL at 017f:bff711be.

Even though I have re-installed Windows I still get this error.

Please help a poor AS400 guy ;)
ouch thats not good.

Few options here. First go to your bios and reset everything to defaults. then reboot into safemode, remove all devices from device manager, and boot into normal.

if this doesnt work, you can go to dos and try scanreg /fix

after that, your last option is gonna be an FDISK Format and re-install.
And if tht doesn't work, I've got 3 shiny Linux RedHat 8 discs i can send you!!

LOL, thats a good way to convert people, hit em while MS is down, lol
Go into BIOS... make sure 'Allow OS to handle PnP is disabled'

To enter BIOS hold down ESC during start up... and then search fior the relavant option.

I had this with Outlook Express... it worked.
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