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Its probably too late cause ive been here for couple days but ill post anyway.

I like programming a lot, recently ive been doing .NET programming. I also started to learn ASM, but it isnt very easy :). I like programming and thats what im considering for my carrerr (or however you spell that :) )

I also like technology (thats from my father, hes a freak when it comes to new TVs, audio systems and thing like that :) ).

Ive been born in Poland and ive been living in US for almost 3 years now, i dont speak perfect english :eek: . I also wish to have a huge beard :D :beard: .

Well thats all folks :) (I used to watch the old Looney Toons so much, the new ones are so fake, they try to imitate the real ones that were so great :) )
Where did we all get the enjoy your stay thing anyway? Its like what they say at a hotel or something. Anyway, Welcome Person, (again).
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