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I was fooling around on PC wizard and i saw the overclocking section. I think my CPU (which i have never overclocked) is actually underclocked( It's running at 1000MHz). The FSB is 200MHz and the multiplier is 5. with the initial being 14(giving the total of 2.8GHz, which it has advertised). This means that 2.8GHz is its maximum potential without OCing correct? Or is the 2.8GHz supposedly the max it can handle.. I'm a tad confused

Also this is an OEM computer, and I can't overclock without some third party software, so thats why i was wondering if it had been underclocked

(btw my CPU is an AMD athlon 64 X2 5600+)

Sorry if this is a bit long winded and a pain to read, but thats what i do best! Ask too many questions



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if its like the quad when the computers idleing it lowers the mutliplyer but if it needs some more power it will use all 2.8 ghz


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yea but that migh not cut it u have to mess with voltages and the memory to get it overclock as high as possible.