? about HDD with Failed Controller Card


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I recently lost a HDD when power failed at my house. The PC will no longer boot from this HDD. I was able to install a HDD out of my kid's computer and get PC to boot. Then I took crashed HDD and made it a slave. I was able to recover all of the data off of the crashed HDD. I am being told that the controller card in the HDD is shot. My questions are:

1) Does this shorten the life of the HDD in general?
2) Can I continue to use this HDD as a slave for data storage and get a new C: to boot from?
3) Should I expect any reliability problems using this drive only as a slave for data storage or would I be better served to just junk it. ATA drives are cheap enough if there is a chance that this HDD will fail sooner now.

Basically I see no reason not to continue to use it if it is safe to do so. But if it's days are numbered due to the failed controller card, I don't want to trust it and end up losing data.

Computer is a DELL 4550 P4 2.53 GHZ with light home use.