Abort, Retry, Ignore


Fully Optimized
Once upon a midnight dreary, fingers cramped and vision bleary,
System manuals piled high and wasted paper on the floor,
Longing for the warmth of bedsheets,
Still I sat there, doing spreadsheets:
Having reached the bottom line,
I took a floppy from the drawer.
Typing with a steady hand, I then invoked the SAVE command
But got instead a reprimand: it read "Abort, Retry, Ignore".

Was this some occult illusion? Some maniacal intrusion?
These were choices Solomon himself had never faced before.
Carefully, I weighed my options.
These three seemed to be the top ones.
Clearly, I must now adopt one
Choose: "Abort, Retry, Ignore".

With my fingers pale and trembling,
Slowly toward the keyboard bending,
Longing for a happy ending, hoping all would be restored,
Praying for some guarantee
Finally I pressed a key...
But on the screen what did I see?
Again: "Abort, Retry, Ignore".

I tried to catch the chips off guard...
I pressed again, but twice as hard.
Luck was just not in the cards,
I saw what I had seen before.
Now I typed in desperation,
Trying random combinations.
Still there came the incantation
Choose: "Abort, Retry, Ignore".

There I sat, distraught, exhausted, by my own machine accosted;
Getting up, I turned away and paced across the office floor.
And then I saw an awful sight,
A bold and blinding flash of light,
A lightning bolt that cut the night and shook me to my very core.
The PC screen collapsed and died,
"Oh no... my database", I cried.
I thought I heard a voice reply,
"You'll see your data... Nevermore!"

To this day I do not know
The place to which our data goes
Perhaps it goes to Heaven where the angels have it stored.
But as for productivity... well,
I fear it has gone straight to Hell.
And that's the tale I have to tell
Your choice: "Abort, Retry, Ignore".

Techy Geek

Daemon Poster
hahahaha, thats great, PC poetry, who would'a thought

Press control and then press alt.
Hit delete - it's Bill Gates fault!
Moan and groan as you reboot.
All your work's gone down the shoot.

Strange tales we relate about men who create
In the back rooms of "Big Blue,"
But the strangest of all is the one I heard
About the creation of Nerdy Guru.
Nerdy Guru wrote HTML bold
For IBM's readers to view,
But he outdid himself and everyone else
When he wrote a Web page that flew.

The page took off, out the window it went
and flew with the speed of light.
Past Mars and past Neptune - even Andromeda -
It looked for a website in the firmament's night.

So if you peer at the sky through a telescope's eye,
and look to the east of Orion,
There appears in the sky this message to view:
This is the Homepage of Nerdy Guru!

hahaha, beatles parady

All those backups seemed a waste of pay.
Now my database has gone away.
Oh I believe in yesterday.

Suddenly, There's not half the files there used to be,
And there's a milestone hanging over me
The system crashed so suddenly.

I pushed something wrong
What it was I could not say.

Now all my data's gone
and I long for yesterday-ay-ay-ay.

The need for back-ups seemed so far away.
I knew my data was all here to stay,
Now I believe in yesterday.

Eleanor Rigby

Eleanor Rigby
Sits at the keyboard
And waits for a line on the screen
Lives in a dream
Waits for a signal
Finding some code
That will make the machine do some more.
What is it for?

All the lonely users, where do they all come from?
All the lonely users, why does it take so long?

Guru MacKenzie Typing the lines of a program that no one will run;
Isn't it fun?
Look at him working,
Munching some chips as he waits for the code to compile;
It takes a while...

All the lonely users, where do they all come from?
All the lonely users, why does it take so long?

Eleanor Rigby
Crashes the system and loses 6 hours of work;
Feels like a jerk.
Guru MacKenzie
Wiping the crumbs off the keys as he types in the code;
Nothing will load.

All the lonely users, where do they all come from?
All the lonely users, why does it take so long?

hahaha those are good, copied from:


Fully Optimized
Good stuff Techy Geek
Here's some error message in Haiku format...

First snow, then silence.
This thousand dollar screen
Dies so beautifully.

Stay the patient course.
Of little worth is your ire;
The network is down.

The Web site you seek
Cannot be located
But endless others exist.

Chaos reigns within.
Reflect, repent and reboot.
Order shall return.

Aborted effort:
Close all that you have.
You ask far too much.

A crash reduces
Your expensive computer
To a simple stone.

Out of memory.
We wish to hold the whole sky
But we never will.

Having been erased,
The document you're seeking
Must now be retyped.

Rather than a beep,
Or a rude error message,
These words: file not found.

Compiler error.
Code, like wives, may still work
Too bad, yours did not.

With searching comes loss
And the presence of absence;

My Novel" not found.

A file that big?
It might be very useful.
But now it is gone.

The Tao that is seen
Is not the true Tao until
You bring fresh toner.

Windows ME crashed.
I am the Blue Screen of Death.
No one hears your screams.

Yesterday it worked.
Today it is not working.
Windows is like that.

Three things are certain:
Death, taxes and lost data
Guess which has occurred.

You step in the stream,
But the water has moved on.
This page is not here.

Serious error.
All Shortcuts have disappeared.
Screen. Mind. Both are blank.

I ate your Web page.
Forgive me; it was tasty
And tart on my tongue

Forces in balance:
Yin and Yang, your program has
Mistakes up the latter


In Runtime
*shakes head* what has this world come to? It's gone from writing beautiful poetry about the wind, to writing poetry about windows. :p


Fully Optimized
moneyman said:
*shakes head* what has this world come to? It's gone from writing beautiful poetry about the wind, to writing poetry about windows. :p
An Apology

Breeze dances a leaf
Bittersweet memories still
Hope springs eternal

Magpie struts determined
upon tuneful caroling
cool blue autumn day

How silent and still!
Into the heart of rocks sinks
The cicada's shrill.

Perennial sun
almost without heat
on sand and water

Work consistent bore
Words deletions frustration
Smells enlightenment.

Life brings dilemmas,
Yet still, haiku is written
Crocodile tears then?

Beer cold soothing
Falling blossoms swirling drop
Stars moving moon falls