ABIT KX7-333 CPU Speed Issue

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I fried the bios on a ECS MOBO and so thought I would get a nice real board.

Got my ABit board, installed great.

I cannot get the system to accept anything over the standard settings of 1150mhz (1500+) and run.

I have a AMD XP 1800+ chip, 256mb pc2100 ram, 40GB Segate HD, 60GB Ibm Deskstar HD, GeForce2 MX 64mb. I have the latest BIOS and VIA 4-in-1 installed also.

If I leave everything at the standard settings it runs smooth. The moment I go into softmenu and change the cpu speed it locks. I then have to hard reboot the system. It will still hang even if reset to 1500mhz. I actually have to reset the CMOS to get the system to work.

I like the board, but am considering a ASUS board.


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Sounds like you need to change a jumper to 133MHz FSB...right now you are getting 1150MHz, 100MHZ FSB x 11.5(default multi. for 1800+)...at 133MHz, you would get the proper 1.53GHz of an 1800+. My motherboard came with a jumper at 100MHz FSB default. Sounds like yours did too.
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