Abit AI7 Phoenix BIOS


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Hope you guys can help i can't really get much support from other forums or even my mobo's forum. I just installed radeon x800xl on my abit AI7 mobo. Went to BIOS and overclocked, this is not the first time so this shouldn't really of happened. The next time i booted my computer im getting post code AF and repeatedly getting long beeps. I also get no display on my monitor.

I've done everything from taking out my mobo and reseating every card, swithcing AGP cards, checking atx cables + cpu, clearing CMOS with jumpers. I'm coming to the conclusion that its to rare for my motherboard to die out on me so what could be the problem?

600 watt psu
Abit AI7 motherboard
P4 2.53ghz
2 gigs pc3200
80gb hd

Thanks for any response!