A Windows 2K computer killing the entire wireless network?

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Family friend's Dell laptop running Windows 2000...

It had the strange issue of taking down the entire wireless network after being online for a bit of time in their house, meaning the two XP computer and the 2k computer suddenly lost the wireless connection to the router. The only way of reconnecting it appears to be unplugging the power from the router and then starting that up again. I removed spyware and viruses from said laptop (of which there were plenty), and it didn't disconnect the next boot. Now I hear that after I left, it did the same thing again.

This is very strange, and I can't think of what the computer is doing in the situation. Any ideas?


(this is why I love my Linux world...you write your config file, and it actually does what you expect it to do :p)


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You may well have infected the other two computers on the network with your viruses.
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