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where can i get a A Tutorial/Ebook on How To Build A PC? i saw one on ebay called InfoDigger for $15AU but im too cheap to fork out the $$$ lolz j/k. where can i get one?

Or if you dont want an ebook and want a real book, Borders has about 3 different books on how to build a computer, including Building computers for dummies, and you can also find free webpages that will tell you how to build a computer
You dont need book for that, it pretty simple....

or if you scared to f something up then go to the library and rent one.
my advice dont get a book. read forums such as these. I learned my first stuff from www.pcmech.com but soon discovered tf and now im a meber of both and know much. All i did was read free online problems from members
and if you really need a guild in whitch to build a pc i will make one for you just pm me if interested
cetamega that link was very helpful, before you click it though there is a good link about antialiasing which i think is soo cool, it took me a while to learn about it but it is awesome a little technical though
Antialiasing? Well, I guess I could have a look see.

But what does this have to do with building the computer?
heh it doesnt right off top but i found it on the way and thought it was interesting and would share it. ;)
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