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Hello all,

I'm looking for any information about the ATC6240 mobo. It seems that the company, Atrend, has gone out of business. I found a note on techadvice.com that states that both www.atrend.com and www.atrend.com.tw have been down for most of 2002 and they suspect the company went out of business. Found a 1-800 # but that leads straight to fax, and long distanced the 510 area code # which went straight to voicemail.

Anyway, the info I need on this (which everything on websites seems seriously outdated) is how fast of a processor this mobo can take. I found one note that the newest BIOS update/revision of mobo accepts PIII Coppermines, but I was more looking down the Celeron avenue of things. (Hoping to build a puter for my younger bro, but don't want to spend to much doing it.) I'm assuming this mobo can go as high as a Celeron 1ghz considering it's bus going as high as 133mzh and it's overclocking capabilities, but I'd rather have solid info then buy the chip and fry it/not even having it work. So, any info from people that own this mobo, worked with it, or someone that speaks a foreign language that might be able to decipher some of those pages out there that could be more updated (did plenty of searches on Google for ATC6240, ATC-6240, ATC 6240 v3, ya get the idea...) would be much appreciated. Thanx in advance of any info that may be provided.
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