A solution to not having a DVD+RW drive.

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I have some DVD+RW discs but my drive isn't DVD+RW..so I can't rewrite on the discs..is their software that would allow me to do this?
well, it was worth a shot..looks like I will just have to not be cheap and finally update it with another lol.
LITE-ON is good stuff, and usually pretty cheap, like the one blasterfreak88 recommended.

Anything will work really, DVD drives usually work pretty well regardless of who made it. I've never had a bad DVD drive, and I have stacks of them in my closet collecting dust.

EDIT: Do you need the drive for installing windows?

I just thought I would throw this out there, in case this was your reasoning.
I ran out of DVD-Rs the other day, and needed to upgrade from XP, to Vista, and then Win7 on one of my computers. ( I made backup .ISOs of my discs because I have a tendency to lose them)
I found out that you can just copy the contents of the disc to a folder on the hard drive, and install it from there directly from windows.
When the machine reboots it looks in the same disc folder for the files, and it works beautifully.
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