A simple question


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Hi I am newbie here and have a simple question for you computer experts. I have made a user account on my desktop and now cant remember the password. Is there any way I can access my desktop with that user account now. What steps should I take??

Any help will be much appreciated.


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----cry in your pillow for endless hours b/c your screwed,

(1) actually you can hire a PC wize for $400 an hour plus all the Jolt he can drink

(2) but i would recomend f-disking your HD- if you cant remember your password-

(3) -also you may be able to access the adminasrator accont but i dont know how to bring that option up, however if you do go to you bio's and in one of the things in there you my be able to disable the password or the admin and acces you PC via that.

(conclusion) but in any case your prabably screwed.

*note: next time use an easier password :rolleyes:


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Since you seem so new to this, log yourself off, and then sign back on as a guess. From there you should be able to go to your control panel and check the users. If for you username you did't create yourself a question to help you out, then at least access the internet and use google to search for windows xp lost password. You,ll find the answer in the kb, and after that (it could be that you will delete that username properties in your windows explorer), then the next time around, don't forget to put in that question to help you remember your password