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I had purchased the stuff in my sig a year back, about... and at the time had 1GB (2x512) of memory, but was looking to upgrade to 2GB (4x512). I originally purchased a dual-channel "kit" from Newegg, Corsair, PC3200 184pin etc. Recently, I purchased another dual-channel "kit", also Corsair, PC3200 184pin etc. But when put in, the computer won't go past POST.

They work great as a pair, alone, in either set of slots...just not as a set of four. As mentioned, when all four in at once, it would not go past the POST screen. When crossing two (one old with one new) produced the system non-boot/beeping errors. But just the two new ones--fine, or two old--fine as well.

I'm betting this is all because of the crappy Motherboard I have, ECS KV2 Extreme...and just would like other's opinions, as to if it's the mobo, or if they really are/might-be incompatible for some reason?

Thanks for any responses, in advance! :)
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