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Well.. I'm having an assignment in robotics.
it goes like this..
we oughta build a ring/maze and a robot.
The maze have an entrance, a corridor and three main roms.
A candle is being put randomaly in one of the rooms, and the robot is being put randomaly around the corridor. also, furnitures and obstacles are being put randomaly around the whole maze.
The robot is to be designed so he would find the candle and turn it off (the candle indicates a houses's fire).
He will need to go around the maze, without entering the same room twice, and find the candle. also, he isn't allowed to touch any of the obstacles, furnitures, walls and the candle's 30 cm radious (he isn't allowed to blow up the maze, blow up the candle, use any hurtful things, to infiltrate the maze with air, etc.).
We oughta design the maze by specific rulez (given by the competition's world-judge), and we oughta build the robot (we are given only LEGO, others can build it with whatever they like. metal, silver, etc.) so he will be able to do all of these assigments and go out to the entrance.
we have six mounths to do so.
the hell of a project it is.. and most of the thinking and doing is for me, even though we are 14 (!!) people in this group.
Last year a group from Israel won the world competition, but don't have the money or the abilities to win this competition, we are doing it all for fun :D
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