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Hello People, I am compleatly New in here, this is my first thread. I am shocked 2 C that I haven't seen 1 single person even mention the game "Dungeon Siege" in here, I mean I am no big gamer or NE thing but I think that this game is great! I am compleatly amazed @ the graphics & ease of game play, now I haven't even played 2 far into the game but I can @ least say that I am already loving it. :D Is there NE 1 in here that has even played it & if so then what do U think about it?
I played it through. It was a good game, but it ended too quickly, and lacked replay value.
I own it, but I haven't had time to play it yet.. been too busy with Jedi Knight 2... but thanks for mentioning it - I'll probably get it installed today and check it out :)
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