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I was just wondering. If I buy a new powersupply for my pc how easy is it to install. And will it automaticaly give my computer parts the right amount of power or will i have to set it up??
I am lookin to upgrade my powersuply before I start installing new mobo cpu + gfx card. Right now I only have a pci slot.
Also if I do get anew powersupply whats the cheapest kinda quiet one, or which one do you have??
Thanks guys
I'm quite fond of this PSU http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16817153007

It isn't terribly expensive, and you can adjust the fan speeds so it's really rather quiet. My big 120mm fan drowns out the PSU completely!

Changing a psu isn't hard at all. You simply remove the old one, put in the new one, and plug all the connectors in the appropriate spots (one or 2 for the motherboard, one each for drives, maybe one for your video card). Just watch carefully when you take the old one out and you'll know right where to put the plugs for the new one. Basically all psu's supply the same voltages that every computer needs, so it's just a matter of getting it in the case and plugging everything in.
Never get cheap PSU's!

All you have to do is unscrew your old one (might need a friend to hold it) screw in the new one (again needs someone to hold it in position while you screw it in.) connect all the cables up and turn your PC on.

What motherboard do you have now/what do you plan on gettting? If you are going to get one like the DFI get a 24 pin PSU and get the converter to convert it to 20 pin.

For the PSU's Antec, Thermaltake, OCZ are the ones that you want to get, a bit pricey, but you don't want to get a cheap one, and risk losing your whole PC.
I think OCZ carry among the best PSU IMO. The PSU i have is some off brand. But it does have a 120mm fan and a 80mm fan, with 580watts. Which i need that much power for my cooling system. Its not any kind of mistake going with a off brand, if it has good specs. They are rather simple to produce, unlike a motherboard. They all pretty much use the same design and metals. But i would always get a good brand. Im the type of person that already knows what brands for what hardware i'll be getting. For PSU i'll always go OCZ. So i would consider them.

All you do is connect the PSU. Your hardware will suck the amount of juice needed, so you dont have to control anything like that. Just the wiring can be confusing, but the process is simple.
get a thermaltake silent purepower 420

it's only like $30-40 and is a high quality PSU
yes, that's a very good power supply

probably on-par with the OCZ modstreams, so no need to consider other PSU's
so there arent different types of powersupplys that i need to consider, as in 20 pin or 18 pin wateva??? A new psu will fit any mobo??
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