A new moderator to the team!

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Monster Techie
I would like to welcome azury to the team. azury has been a great help to the forums and he deserves the honour:D

azury will be moderating the Sound & Visual and the PC Gaming Forum.

BTW: Does anyone else what to be a moderator? Well please don't PM or email me about it. You have to prove yourself!
if you want to be a mod, you must

1) be a respected member
2) post frequently
3) have the time and commitment to help with the forum
4) help in the future development of the forum
5) be an all-round nice person

Then ill choose moderators when I fill we need more.

Cheers and congrats azury.
thanks you all!
It is nice to be recognized for my contributing!
It is a great honour.
I'll do my best in helping, though I wish to learn from this experince my self!
"I live to serve the serving living" :D
thanks alot again.
Cheers (B)!
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