A lot of secret files on drivers

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Battal Gazi

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I use 3 drives; c-d-e and also external harddrive: f.

Windows is on c,only one system xp.

I see a lot of secret files on d and e:

System volume iınformatin- This is about audıo system? Why is there this file on c,d and e?

Let me put screen shot, it will be better:

FOR c this

For f:


For d and e:


Why are those fıles? Can youhelp?

Recyle for after deleting files to keep them?
1st pic - All system files.
2nd pic - System files, and looks like an install file was extracted to that disk.
3rd pic - Once again, system files.

They are hidden so they are not deleted, they belong to the operating system.
Yahoo! or Google search each one to find out what each file is.

The only things you can delete are the ones that are long strings of the letters and numbers.

Also READ THE RULES. If i see another remark or thread about something that violates our rules, i will hand out an infraction.
I don't see why not. Except system files of course. Sysvol, Recycler, etc.
I'm assuming you extracted VC_Red to the same location and it created all those files. Open the zip file and see if all the EULA, dll's and ini's are in that zip.
I do not know why the random letter/number "72ngfljsdfj203jgfljsdf208" folders are created. Mine have amd64 and i386 folders that reference the XPS Document drivers...why, I dunno. I delete them but they come back. I haven't investigated any further.
No i need secret files......

Also this i did not download that vc cab or extract. At properties it is shown dated 2007 but it is impossible. Mybe it is a trojan? I searched it is about microsotf visual but this is external drive,why does it etract there?

And also what is those files named such as 2dbfc6bebd512b26b692952edae9 ?
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