A look back in time!

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I just thought it would be fun to see how far we have grown since joining the forum. Do a thread started search with your user name and post up the title of the the first thread you made here and what you asked. So heres mine I had a good laugh ;) TFF

Thread Title: Getting ready to buy my first custom

Question: Alright in the past i've went through gateway and dell for my computer needs however i'm deciding to create one from scratch this time. I've searched around quite a bit looking for the best value and here's what i've found. Just looking for you opinions this is from AvaDirect. Also curious if anybodys dealt with them and if so how satisfied were you.

Tower: Raidmax, RX-9GT Mid-Tower ATX
Motherboard: Asus, P5n32-SLI Premium
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 DC 2.4ghz 1066MHz, 4mb L2 Cache
Video Card: Asus EN7600GS GeForce 7600GS, 512mb ddr2
Hard drive: Seagate 320gb 7200 SATA ll 16mb cache
Memory: 2 x 1gb OCZ 800MHz DDR2 PC6400 ram

I did talk to a rep from tigerdirect today and he specified that Intels Core 2 duo's processors were not 64bit compatible. Then I asked him about the vista ready logo then he stated that I would need to download a driver when vista 64bit came out. Can anybody confirm that this processor and motherboard will be 64 bit compatible? Thanks for the help and info guys. If you know of any other decent sites let me know.


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Title: new motherboard problem

hello, i just purchased an Asus A8N32-SLI Deluxe motherboard for my pc, and now when i insert the support cd and the cd drive revs up, the pc restarts and i do not know why.

here's my system specs
Silverstone TJ06
Asus A8N32-SLI Deluxe
Athlon 3500
PNY geforce 6800 gs
2 512mb pc3200 ram
maxtor 250 gb serial ata hdd

That was a long time ago, I didn't use capitals or punctuation either.

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The first thread I started here was a "for sale" thread. But other than that, this was my first thread on February 25th, 2007:

Accidentally Deleted a Partition

While messing around with a SATA drive from my kid's rig, I accidentally deleted the second partition on my main drive. Ya, I know, what a dork!

Is there any FREE file recovery software that actually works? I have plenty of demos, but none will recover files.

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I do remember it was something about why emachines sucked so bad, because they had really good specs.

Something of the sort, lol.

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I found mine it was an intro thread in the Social Lounge, my first question was

I have a question ...... custom avatars ....... how do you go about uploading one on this site, as far as I can see in the edit avatar section there is no custom option.
Kind of ironic now



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I am not too advanced in computers, but know md5 filesums, .iso, ect, so please don't be too advanced in your reply.

I am currently upgrading one of my computers from windows to linux, as I know linux is much better. I would like to use open office on the computer as the office program. The distribution of linux I am using allows the linux to be installed in windows, and windowws can be kept, so I can use windows if I need to. I was wondering how to get open office on cd (both cd's) without downloading a program for downloading the .iso's, and if I should install on Linux, or install on windows, wipe out MS word, and use wine to run the program in Linux, like I would be for many of my other programs.

Thanks in advance for your help.


P.S. here is the link for open office: www.openoffice.org
And for wine: www.winehq.org

this brings back some old memories.