A Laptop Upgrade


Fully Optimized
ok guys, I want to explain my budget first. I work at a local food chain. I am slight ADD about my money, I can save but for some reason I save to about 200 and usually give up and blow it on something else. Anyways I have 135 dollars right now, and am going to get my paycheck shortly. My parents are going to give me a laptop cq50 139wm model. This has a socket P processor, and it currently has a celeron 2.0 Ghz. This has many processors that are modern and very fast. I would like a gaming machine and I realize that this will not meet that but it can still play games. What would be a good processor upgrade for me? and how much ram should I add to it. I generally play games like AOE or GH3. I also do A lott of Audio and image editing that can be a load on the processor. I was considering a dual but the quads are fairly cheap. Also if I upgrade the processor how much will this reduce the life of the battery on my charge. Thanks .:D :)

Forgot to add this is my other option, I can either buy this one http://www.dailyworldbuzz.com/walmart-2009-black-friday-deals-ads-and-sales-updated/965/ new or the current one used for a year. The difference is the used one has a 4500MHD which is slightly better on games.