A computer question


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Ok here are my system specs:

Compaq Presario SR1738NX
AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3500+
2 GB of Ram
200 GB Hard drive
Graphics card is an ATI Radeon Xpress 200 Series (Onboard card)
Audio is a Realtek AC'97 (Onboard audio)

I am attempting to play Rome Total War. Now this isn't the first time I've played RTW on this machine. But I know that 6 months ago when I played the game, I had no audio or fps problems. Now I do.

When you start up RTW it goes through that intro video before you get to the main menu. The audio stutters or lags kinda like watching a streaming video. Once you get to the main menu there's animation that plays in the background and before it played smooth. Now it lags a little bit.

So I figured ok maybe the onboard graphics card is beginning to go. So I got me a Nvidia GeForce 7600 GS PCI-E graphics card. Uninstalled the old drivers and installed the new card and its drivers. You would think that a new graphics card would change things.


It stayed the same. But then I was thinking ok I need more ram. So today I just got me an additional 1 gb of ram and I installed it.


No change whats so ever. So I got pissed and uninstalled the new graphics card and went back to using the onboard graphics card.

What the hell is wrong with my machine???