A Client's Office 2007 Pro Problem

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I backed up their .pst from office 2003, i setup their email acct on their new system which has office 2007, okay the problem when i setup their new outlook and imported i put allow duplicates because i don't want them losing anything, now they have like 300 and something MBs of emails and they let it download all of them one time, but everytime they open outlook they still have like 800 emails still trying to come in, is there a fix? or shud i jus redo it and do it without the duplicates?
You can always re-import the emails. I would not keep duplicates to see if that resolves the issue. WOrse case scenario the clients asks where that email is and you can explain the situation. Either they will have to colm through almost a thousand emails to determine duplicates or they will have the chance of missing one or two emails.

Just be honest - that has always prevailed when i've been in similar situations with clients.
If you are running Cache Mode, there is no reason to backup the inbox because once you setup the new email profile, it will copy down all the emails from the server, it creates a local copy for faster access. If you aren't on Cache Mode then its good to go ahead and back them up but even without cache mode, you are directly accessing the server which is why it takes longer to connect to the emails or open large attachments. Then you could attach the .pst via Data File Management and compare it to the inbox, if something is missing then just add the missing, no need to add dups.
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