a beginner with cpu problams?

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I am running a compaq presario v2565us without any kind of modifications and windows xp home sp 3. Whenever I try to do anything cpu intensive: for example install nero burning software, run a ds emulator or any semi current game my computer shuts down. And we are talking shuts down and boots up without a problem like i meant to shut it down. I ran the Ultimate Boot CD v4.1.1 and ran some of the cpu tests. They all seemed to kill my machine at differing intervals on all three tests. My comp. will run fine forever as long as I don't do anything cpu intensive. What I am wondering is If i buy a new and replace my old cpu will that fix the problem. I would hate to waste the money.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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I would first open the case and check the cpu fan. It is most likely clogged with dust or the fan is not spinning causing your cpu to overheat. clean it with some compresses air. You may also need to pull the heatsink and clean the fins of excess dust then remount with a new application of thermal paste. If you do not have any pick up some tx-2.
yeah, overheating would be the first concern. be sure not to apply too much thermal compound.

if you still have the same issue, check for overheating on the north and southbridge, then check idle cpu usage.
Slow to the punch haha.

Yup, look for it overheating since a failing processor usually will not allow the computer to turn on, let alone get anywhere near working.
tried the dusting with the compressed air. Got out dime sized dust bunnies. working better(installed nero) but not perfect yet. I'm waiting for my shipment of thermal gel. Thanks for the help everyone.
Not that it matters, as paste is paste, what kind did you get?

As said above, firstly I would check the fan. If you are using the standard heatsink, that may be your problem. If not, reapply your thermal paste.
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