9800 pro choppiness problem

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I just bought a Sapphire 9800 pro 128MB about a week and a half ago. Since then I have installed the latest ATI Catalyst drivers and am using redline to OC. I have almost no artifacts maybe 1 or 2. When I play a certain game like THUG 2(Tony Hawks Underground 2) its all choppy at medium quality and all the graphics cards enhancements are turned to performance instead of quality. Should I change to using ATI Tool or some other OCer to figure out performance settings, because I'm really not pushing it too hard at stock cooling at 378/351MHz and I know so. What Should I Do?
What card did you have before? Did you completely clean all old drivers?
Make sure you are using Direct3D and not "software acceleration" for THUG (check THUG settings). Make sure you have the latest version of DirectX isntalled. Does it lag on lower settings also?
I had a ATI 9800 Pro about a year ago and to tell you the truth. It sucked in almost everyway. I couldn't play any games at anything higher then medium settings. I tried about 5 different versions of catalyst with it and the oldest one that actually came with the card was the one that was the best with it.

I hated that card.
Well any other game besides THUG 2 works at any setting (low, medium, high, or very high) works just fine and it's really starting to piss me off now to be quite frank.
i am unsatisfied with my 9800 pro also, it can run cs:s at low settings, at all, i usually get fps of 40, im going to put my 9600 back in
like Nubius said, change to Direct3D
ATI Radeon cards are much better in Direct3D

also, if you had an Nvidia card before, you need to completely uninstall Nvidia drivers before installing ATI ones

if you want to overlclock more, I would suggest an Arctic Silencer cooler.
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