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Hi, I've been out of the loop for quite a while. Last I put together a system was back with the Intel-dominated times of the Kentsfield/Conroe/Allendale stuff, NVIDIA's 8xxx series and the P35 mobos. Looking for a crash course of what the current meta is like.

I have a friend who wants a $900 (Canadian) gaming rig set up. Just a straightforward build with potential for overclock. No particular loyalties to any make or model, straight up bang for back. Single suggestions or entire builds welcome. Thanks!
does he need just the tower? or including monitor, keyboard and mouse?... desk and chair? :p

also, is it including possible taxes that might be added on? because if you use like the canadian newegg, i think you get charged a substantial amount for taxes alone.
just the tower: cpu, mobo, case, psu, ram, hdd, dvd, gpu

More or less $900 including taxes and shipping. I'd rather not use Newegg.ca - I've always been satisfied with NCIX's shipping rates and price matching.

All I'm asking for is the quintessential mid-range bang-for-buck build, basically. Obviously the case is up in the air, set aside $50-120 for that, all depends on my friend's taste. I guess I'll build something in a couple of minutes and tell me what you think.

Here, how's this? $854.42 (before rebates)

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